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Hagaman – The roots of the name and the various spellings (Hegeman, Hageman, Hagerman, etc.)


The roots of the name started in northern Europe, and is a variant of German Hagemann or Dutch Hegeman. *

Hagemann Name Meaning and History

  1. German: topographic name for someone who lived by a hedge or enclosure, from Middle High German hac ‘enclosure’, ‘hedge’, Middle Low German hage + mann ‘man’.
  2. Danish: either of German origin (see 1) or an occupational name for a gardener, Danish haghman.

Hegeman Name Meaning and History

  1. Dutch: habitational name for someone from a place called Hegge(n) or ter Hegge(n), derived from a word meaning ‘hedge’.
  2. Altered spelling of German Hegemann, a Westphalian topographic name for someone who lived in an enclosed (i.e. fenced) area, Middle High German hagen + man ‘man’.
*Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

Hagaman Links

  • Adriaen Hegeman Sr. on of Hendrick Jacobse Hegeman and Marrieken Berentsdr Van Marle, Husband of Cetherine Margits

  • The Dobson Site - John Blythe Dobson is an exceedingly careful and highly respected genealogist who documents extensively and throughly explains errors and inconsistencies in the published works of others.  The document linked here deals primarily with the descendents of Hendricus Hegeman of Flatbush, NY, who was the son of the immigrant Adriaen Hegeman (b. 1625) and Catherine Margits (b. 1628).  These descendents were the line that primarily migrated both up the Hudson River Valley around Poughkeepskie and westward to Pennsylvania and beyond. 



  • American Historical Magazine – Volume 1 January, 1906 – November, 1906 – The Hegemen Family


The Hegeman Family, was potentially associated with the early history of that part of the present city of New York (borough of Brooklyn) which was known for more than two and one-half centuries as Flatbush…

Adriaen Hegeman, with his wife Catharine (Katherij) Margits, arrived at New Amsterdam in the year 1650.  He had a son Jacob….


Click here to download the Article

  • Tracing the Family of Marenus Hagaman


Maurietta Hagaman Patterson’s research documents the descendents of Adriaen Hegeman > Abraham > Adrian > Abraham Hagaman > John > Joseph > Marenus > Joseph Page and includes many of Marenus and Joseph Page Hagaman’s descendents.  Maurietta is the great granddaughter of Marenus, granddaughter of Joseph Page, and daughter of Fred L. Hagaman.  She has been a consumate researcher and has carefully documented everything she has passed on to her grateful children, neices, nephews and cousins.  Maurietta will be 100 years old on June 21, 2012, and lives in Kansas.  Her stories of early life in western Kansas and Oklahoma will soon appear in another part of this site.


 ....This booklet History and Genealogy of the John Hagaman Branch of the Hagaman family which was written and compiled by Benjamin Franklin Hagaman with the help of his daughter, Nellie Hagaman Stark, has been compiled under adverse circumstances, because of the family being so widely scattered. Therefore it is not claimed to be exactly authentic, but as nearly so as circumstances would permit....


....Being now in my 88th year and the last survivor of my father's family, I have lived to see my children to the fourth generation. During my life span, it has been my painful lot to stand by the grave-sides, or to know of the passing of all other members of my father's family.....

Famous Hagaman's

in History.




Frank Leslie Hagaman (June 1, 1894-June 23, 1966)

Frank Leslie Hagaman (June 1, 1894-June 23, 1966) was an American lawyer and politician. He served as Lieutenant Governor and later as thirty-first Governor of Kansas.
Early life
Frank Leslie Hagaman was born in Bushnell, Illinois to Frank and Hattie Hagaman. The family moved first to Kansas City, Missouri, and later to Rosedale, Kansas. After graduating from high school, Hagaman worked as a shipping clerk and would later graduate from the University of Kansas and The George Washington University.

Adult life
Hagaman served in the 117th Kansas Ammunition Traina during World War I and received a Purple Heart with a special citation.  In 1920 he married Elizabeth Sutton of Russell, Kansas. In 1921, he went on to receive an education in law at the George Washington University Law School, in Washington, D.C. He then returned to Kansas to establish his law practice in Wyandotte County, where he worked as the Assistant County Assessor.

Political Life
Hagaman was elected to be the Johnson County representative to the state legislature, first in 1939, and was re-elected two more times. In 1948 he was elected Lieutenant Governor under Governor Frank Carlson.  He entered the Governor's Office when Governor Frank Carlson replaced Senator Harry Darby in the United States Senate. His term in office lasted only forty-one days until he was replaced by Edward Arn.

Kansas State records are quoted as saying that "Hagaman's tenure as governor of Kansas was what one might call a caretaker administration. During his time in office, a time when the legislature was not in session, Hagaman concentrated almost exclusively on the budget. In an unprecidented move, Governor Hagaman invited Governor-elect Edward Arn to budget hearings. Arn was the man to whom Hagaman lost the party nomination, during the primary election."

Post-Political Life
After losing the bid for Republican Party nomination as governor, Hagaman returned to his law practice in Fairway, Kansas. His legal practice allowed him to argue cases in courts in Kansas, Missouri and the United States Supreme Court.

He died in a hospital in Kansas City on June 23, 1966 and is buried at Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, Colorado.

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